Tasting note

White wine with very subtle bubbles. Aromas of fresh white fruit, especially apple and pear. Floral and crisp finish. It is a refreshing wine but with a lot of personality. It has body and character. It fills the mouth completely and has a sparkling finish. It is a perfect wine for the summer, it is luminous and you feel like repeating it tirelessly.

Personal comment

This is a complex white wine. The two white grape varieties that give it life here take on a special role, complementing each other perfectly.


Blend of Parellada & Macabeo.
Ancestral method (single fermentation sparkling wine). Fermentation starts in the stainless steel tank and when it reaches a certain density, it is bottled so that the fermentation finishes in the bottle, thus generating the carbon dioxide that characterises a sparkling wine.
Once finished, the bottles are placed upside down to concentrate the lees in the neck of the bottle. The bottles are then manually disgorged at room temperature to remove them.
No added nutrients, yeasts or enzymes. No added sulphites.
All actions are done using gravity. Racking, tank changes, etc. For us it is essential not to use any type of pump in the process, thus avoiding any type of oxidation.

In the vineyard we work according to the biodynamic calendar and in the winemaking process as well. We always work from observation and sensitivity. Every day we visit the "wine room" to check the temperature, density and evolution of the wines. We taste the wines during their evolution and evaluate any action based on all our senses. It is essential for us to connect with our wines and to be able to see what they need at any given moment.

All our vineyards as well as the rest of the estate are certified by CCPAE.