Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Years of perseverance, experience and observation, as much in the field as in our small oil mill, have taught us the key aspects of making an extra virgin olive oil that really expresses its maximum potential; organoleptic, nutritional and medicinal.

One of these aspects is to start the harvest when the olive is still green, when their levels of polyphenols are very high. This may lead to a lower yield, but increases the quality. This way the oil will last maintaining all its qualities.

Out of respect for the tree and the final product, we do not use vibration systems to harvest.


We wash the olives in cold water before they are pressed.
The temperature of the oil mill never exceeds 20┬░, olives are cold-pressed.
Pressing is smooth and of short duration, about 30 minutes, depending on the characteristics of the year.
During the oil extraction process, only the central core is used, trying not to extract any water or solids.
Thus obtaining a pure Extra Virgin oil.
The entire estate is certified by CCPAE.