What we do

What we do

Over time and with experience, we have learned that the traditional crops of our area, vineyards and olive trees, were and are ideal. Both to create a closed circle, as to elaborate and to be able to offer an original, authentic product of the highest quality.

We are pleased to continue working the vineyards we planted some 30 years ago, and to continue planting new ones; as well as our youngest olive trees and other centenary ones.

All the harvests are transformed into a small and simple workshop on the same estate.

From the olive trees we obtain extra virgin oil which we press and extract cold. We use part of our grapes for our juices (white and red free run grape juice) and part for our line of natural wines.

For over thirty-five years that we have been making grape juice and Extra Virgin Olive Oil

We've always been proud to be able to produce a product so healthy and suitable for everyone, young and old.

The nutritional and medicinal virtues of Grape juice and Olive oil are numerous and well known: antioxidant, depurative, detoxifying and a long etcetera. (See more details in the technical data and in the methods of elaboration).

In 2020 we decided to start making small microvinifications. Sensitive wines, with nothing added and in small quantities. We have no intention of making the final wine one way or another, we want the wine to be express itself the way it wants to be. We do not want the wine to be a reflection of any personal component, we want them to be wines that have longed to be wines.

As farmers, we believe and feel it is necessary to offer complete foods that contribute to a balanced physical, spiritual and mental life.