Tasting note

Pure red fruit, ripe cherry and pomegranate. Lots of blackberry and fresh berries that emerge on the nose and are replicated on the palate with each sip. It is a wine with a lot of personality, persistent, deep but very fresh. It is very round, structured and mouth-filling.

It is a wine that will age well, but already it shows great potential and its personality seduces from the first moment. Total balance between all the elements that make up this wine.

Personal comment

It is a wine to "knock you over", if I may say so. It is fleshy, but very fruity, it is complete but very fresh at the same time. To leave a mark and remind you of the freshest syrahs.


100% Syrah.
Maceration and start of fermentation with the skins for 48 hours. The skins are then removed and fermentation continues naturally.
Fermentation in stainless steel tanks.
No filtration or stabilisation, as we want to maintain 100% of the grape's properties.
No added nutrients, yeasts or enzymes. No added sulphites.
All actions are done using gravity. Racking, tank changes, etc. For us it is essential not to use any type of pump in the process, thus avoiding any type of oxidation.

In the vineyard we work according to the biodynamic calendar and in the winemaking process as well. We always work from observation and sensitivity. Every day we visit the "wine room" to check the temperature, density and evolution of the wines. We taste the wines during their evolution and evaluate any action based on all our senses. It is essential for us to connect with our wines and to be able to see what they need at any given moment.

All our vineyards as well as the rest of the estate are certified by CCPAE.